Welcome to the Grounded Roots Permaculture Community!

The Grounded Roots Permaculture Community near Dorfen is a project whose aim is to bring together permaculture and social living in a rural setting. Permaculture is concerned with the design of stable living systems based on observation of nature and according to the ethics earth care, people care and fair share. The concrete goal of the project is to redesign a farm, both as a stable ecosystem and as a place for community.

main field of activities

  • gardening
  • reforestation and other ecological projects


Earth CarePeople CareFair Share


  • permaculture
  • non-violent
  • inner growth
  • humor
  • children
  • music
  • affordable living
  • craft work
  • renewable energies
  • new technologies
  • open-source
  • bio-construction
  • car sharing
  • bicycles
  • sport
  • yoga
  • open-mindedness
  • 💚 We appreciate spontaneous visits.
  • 💚 Working guests can stay with us according to prior arrangement (free board and lodging).
  • 💚 New community members are welcome.